How do I debug NXP-iMX7 SABRE board using MD-5?

I am trying to connect to NXP iMX7 SABRE board using usb cable as a serial connection.

How should I configure the debugger to connect?

  • Hi,

    I am assuming that you are trying to debug the i.MX7 SABRE board using a JTAG debugger unit such as a ULINKpro / ULINKpro D or DSTREAM unit in conjunction with DS-5.

    Is that correct ?

    If it is not then do please clarify. But that's what you need to debug it. And the support for this should work out of the box using a new enough version of DS-5 such as v5.27.1.

    Note that there should be a keyway on the JTAG connector (J12, it's a CoreSight-10 way, see pin out at ) but this is not present on the board connector here.

    So if you cannot connect a CoreSight-10 cable to it then I would suggest GENTLY bending the pin 7 out of the way (towards the edge of the board)  using some long-nosed pliers in order to allow the connector to fit properly.

    Note that I cannot be held responsible for damage to your board, if you are not confident in doing this then please find someone who can assist.

    Do please let me know if I have understood what you are asking ?



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