Ds5 streamline 5.27 kernel samples timeline location


I've installed Ds5 development tools with streamline, I use gator to grab execution informations and I loaded vmlinux file in order to display kernel function call path. Streamline is a very powerfull tool but I'm wondering that I can't filter and show only specific functions  in the timeline,I mean,in the call path, enabling unwind support in the kernel and in the gator.ko driver, I can show the right call stack, but when I click on the function for showing its timeline location only the main thread is showed and I have to search manually and with a lot of difficulty with the sample filter where the samples of this function are collected. Is there a more easy way for filter and show these samples? 

Thank you

  • Hi Miousername,

    I am not sure I have fully understood your questions. However, I have attached two snapshot, hope this could be helpful.

    BTW, what's the version of DS-5/streamline are  you using? I am using Ultimate edition. If you still have questions, it would be better to attach some snapshots. Thanks.