RDDI Trace Clock Error


I am writing a program using the RDDI API to stream trace from a DSTREAM-ST. The problem is that whenever I start up the DSTREAM-ST and then connect using RDDI from my program, the connection works fine, but once I begin tracing, the TRC_CLK light comes on and I don't get any events. However, if I connect using DS-5 first, disconnect in DS-5, close DS-5, and try to run the program again, the TRC_CLK  light is green and everything works (I get events and trace data, etc.). I can then run my program as much as I want until I turn the DSTREAM-ST off again. I cannot figure out why this occurs, and none of the RDDI functions in the API mention a trace clock. How do I sync the trace clock? Any ideas?

- Akira