DS-5 streamline analysis of kernel process for app.

Hello everyone.

I am characterizing application's operations using a "Annotate" function in streamline.

However, I am confusing that considers kernel process or not.

1) Usually, it represents information to double click on the specific application in the "Log" tab.


2) If I selects applications, then it only considers the activity of application.

    However, In that case, result is rapidly changed so I am confusing that I counting the number of kernel process or not.


Could someone give me a explanation?

  • Selecting a process in the Heat Map area will filter most of the charts to show only that process' activity (the charts highlighted in blue are those that are filtered).

    Double-clicking on an annotation entry in the Log view will move the Cross Section Marker (CSM) so that it covers the range of the annotation that was clicked on, but the charts will still maintain the previous process filters.

    You can also right-click on an annotation in the Log view, and select "Select process/thread in Timeline". This will select the process in which the annotation occurred, and filter the charts accordingly.