Exynos 5 (startup code.)

Dear all,

I am interested in a code snipped that will startup the Cortex-A15 processor (interrupt vectors, MMU cache, etc.. ) and then give control to the main function of a bare-metal application.

I have taken a look at the bare-metal (MP A15) provided with DS-5, can I use this example on the Arndale Board after compiling it using GNU toolchain (though it is written for building using ARMCC).

Many thanks.

  • Chapter 13 of ARM cortex A15 is a good start, still I need can you point to a ready-to-use cortex A15 start-up bare metal code?

  • The DS-5 example is probably your best bet - while it is written in ARM syntax, porting it to GAS syntax would not be terribly difficult. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of documentation on the porting process and mappings between directives yet..