Streamline capture issue with custom ARM Energy Probe.

Hello everyone,

I've got a question to the developer or project manager of DS-5 Streamline with the ARM Energy probe.

I'm running DS-5 version 5.18.0 and I'm developping a custom ARM Energy Probe.

Everything is working ok but why do you not send the stop command to the probe (0xb) when the capture is finished ?

It doesn't make sense at all.

I'm capturing the USB packets with a sniffer and I'm quite surprised about this to say the least...

There is also plenty of questions about the protocol I've found but that's another story.

Best regards,

Anthony Harivel

  • The reason the stop command isn't sent is likely due a bug in caiman. However if someone wants to create a custom energy probe, as I believe you're doing, we expected them to also provide an application implementing the caiman protocol instead of reusing our caiman application unmodified. If you'd like you can read the caiman source, shipped as part of DS-5, and use it as a reference implementation, or (as long as you follow the license) reuse the caiman source for your own implementation.