How to solve the Java heap space when streamline analyse the capture?

I add about 1000 elf image files to the streamline session capture, and it hints "Java heap space" on error window. I have tried to add the -Xms1024m -Xmx1124m to the eclipse.ini, but failed too.

How can I increase the heap space for the streamline analyse? Sorry for my multiple post, last post I forget to check the post as question.

  • > I add about 1000 elf image files to the streamline session capture

    Not a solution to the problem - but more of a work around ...

    The main issue it the sheer number of ELF image you are adding. Try a run with only the main ones added (you probably find that only a handful are needed to account for 80% of the runtime, and that is where you'll get be returns from optimizing).

    The tool will still be able attribute time to the missing programs / libraries - you just don't get a function breakdown - and if you miss a top library you can always add it later and reanalyze.



  • In reply to Peter Harris:


    I know it would work, if just add few of the elf files. But I hope it would be work when I add many elf files too. I just guess if my PC has enough memory, it should work when I increase the java heap space.

    Because there's about 1000 elf files in our system, it takes time to find and pick up 20% of them one by one, on the contrary, it just takes several commands to add all of them to the session.xml . Once a elf  is ignored,  it will take much more time to reanalyze.

    It would be wonderful if this would be improved in future.

  • It might be possible to follow the steps in this Knowledge Base Article, and increase the heap for Java:

    "JVM terminated" error when launching DS-5 / OutOfMemoryError reported when using DS-5

    Essentially, you add -Xmx512m or so to your DS-5/sw/eclipse/eclipse.ini and hopefully it'll do the trick. It won't increase the memory consumption of DS-5 in general, it is only a maximum/upper limit.