Why is there no documentation about the ARM Energy Probe protocol when you can set a custom probe device in DS-5 ?

legitmate question, no ?


Anthony Harivel

  • Hi Anthony,

    DS-5 currently supports these probes:

    • ARM Energy Probe
    • NI DAQ
    • Alternatively, Streamline can read and display power measurements directly from your Linux hwmon subsystem, as explained in this blog

    The protocol and source code of the caiman program (interface to the Energy Probe) can be found in the DS-5 installation path, version 5.17 onwards:


  • In reply to Marcelo Salazar:

    Hi Marcelo

    Thanks for your answer. I already saw this. I was more looking for a document that sum up the protocol.

    It's easier to play the song when you've got the song book !


    Anthony Harivel 

  • In reply to Harivel:

    Hi Anthony,

    The document that marcelo.salazar pointed you to gives the overview of the caiman protocol that is required to interface with ARM Energy Probe. Please could you clarify, is this the one that you've already read?

    C:\Program Files\DS-5\sw\energy_probe\protocol



  • In reply to Joe Alderson:

    Hi Joe!

    the problem is that the document that you pointed out is the document that discribe the protocol between Caiman and Streamline!

    C:/Program Files/DS-5/sw/energy_probe/protocol/caiman_protocol-5-17.html (this is the only file of the directory, there is a index.html file but redirect to this html file)

    -> "This document describes the TCP/IP protocol used by caiman or other implementing clients to communicate with Streamline version 5.17 or later."

    What is missing is the document between the Caiman and the ARM Energy Probe!

    But never mind, I've already reverse engineered the protocol using the Caiman source code, the Linaro Project (https://git.linaro.org/tools/arm-probe.git) and a good USB analyser...

    I'm just don't understand why there is no more accessible documentation about making your own custom ARM Energy Probe because I think you would see more people getting interrested in this and so in the DS-5, and finally more licenses sold.


    Anthony Harivel