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          Im using DS-5 simulator for coding C program along with Assembly and Neon.In this vectorization is working perfectly but when optimization of MEDIUM/HIGH level is used, the  pointer increment is not working properly. Can anyone help me in this regard??

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  • Hi pavi,

    Are you trying to step the C program execution in higher Optimization levels ?

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    Pravinchanm is right to point out that stepping through program execution at C code level when using high optimization is sometimes problematic. In particular, if the compiler has vectorized some operations, then the correspondence between C statements and object code will be very obscure and the debugger may not show it correctly.


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    Thanq Pravin and Chris,

             Yes, but do you think there is no solution for this???


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    Yes Pravin

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    I dunno about the options involved in ds5 simulator. Usually the debugger will have the capability to display the equivalent asm codes in between c programs.. Look for such a mode change Options where you can see the stepping of each asm instruction clearly in higher optimization levels.

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    I'm able to see such options, but when the higher optimization levels are used, the increment in the pointer is not happening, instead the pointer is showing the same old value instead of the incremented value..

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    Kindly post your code snippet here.