DS-5 ARM - C Simulation - Launch Failed, Binary Not Found

HI Everyone,

      Im Pavi and Ive recently joined the group. I have downloaded DS500-BN-00019-r5p0-17rel1 in order to simulate simple C program ( along with ARM) for DS-5 ARM. Im able to build it but not able to execute or debug it. It gives the error :" Launch Failed, BInary not Found". While building it is generating .axf file.

Can anyone help me in this regard, Please??

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  • Hi Pavi,

    Are you trying to run it on the included FVP model? The best way to start would be to (first switch to DS-5 Debug Perspective by clicking Window > Open Perspective > DS-5 Debug) import the included Hello World example program by right clicking in the Project Explorer view, selecting Import... and then General > Existing Projects Into Workspace.


    Now navigate to the DS-5 folder where the example Linux projects are contained:


    Tick Hello and then click finish. That will import the example.

    Next, in Debug Control, right click and select Debug Configurations...


    There should be a debug configuration for hello-FVP-example.

    Click debug and it will connect to the model.

    Click the "play" button in the Debug Control view and you will see "Hello World" in the App Console view.

    Once you've got that working, you can start to play around and modify the example applications. Remember to clean and build them each time.

    That's the basics!

    Hope this helps,


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    hi Joe,

       Thanks a lot for your prompt response.Yeah, Im trying to run it in the FVP model only. Ive followed all the above steps which you told and still is says "  cannot execute binary file". Im hereby attaching the screen shot.Screenshot from 2014-03-07 14:47:57.png

         Kindly help me out to solve this issue............

      Thanks and Regards


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    hi  Joe,

       Im using it on Ubuntu ( Linux) not windows............

  • In reply to Pavi:


    It looks from your error message like you might not have launched the debugger from the DS-5 Debug Control view, instead, it looks like it was trying to run natively on your machine - this won't work. My colleague has just tried this on his Ubuntu machine and can reproduce the same error by trying to run the hello executable natively.

    Rather than opening the hello project in project explorer and trying to debug the stripped executable simply by clicking the debug button, you need to run the debug configuration to make sure that the FVP gets launched.


    Open your Debug Control view and right click inside it, or select the arrow next to the debug icon. Select Debug Configurations...

    Now, select hello-FVP-example which is located in DS-5 Debugger (this is preconfigured to just work) and click Debug:


    It should be exactly the same in Ubuntu. The only other possible thing that you might want to check is that if you installed the 64-bit version, you have included the 32-bit compatibility libraries.



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    hi Joe,

        Thanks a lot  for your time and effort. Now  Im able to run the example code successfully with your guidance.Now I have an issue reg assembly files. If I want to combine assembly code with C, this code is not allowing me to do so( I've tried to  change the example code and run it in debug perspective only).

      Can I get any help in this regard. I wanted to run ARM NEON instructions using DS-5. How do I need to proceed for that.?

    Thanks again Joe.

    Awaiting for your reply.



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    Hi Pavi,

    There's a tutorial about using inline assembly here that my colleague chriswalsh recently put together. In the same tutorials section, you'll also find one about enabling NEON.

    Hope this helps,


  • In reply to Joe Alderson:

    Hi Joe,

      Thanks again for the prompt response. I have gone through the tutorials Joe, they couldnt help me out.Moreover I dont want the inline assembly. I want DS-5 to  be used  for simulation ( I want to simulate the assembly with c) . Im hereby attaching the code which I tried to modify taking the helloworld example from linux examples. Ive given all the options in the makefile.Its building properly but while executing its giving the message ". ( I want to utilise - Quad-Core Cortex-A9 fixed virtual platform )

    Failed target configuration:

    Configuring the target for debug - See the App Console for further information

        In the tutorial the guidance is given only until building the arm project  which I've already done earlier without any problem.When I try to execute it, its giving me the problem.

    Cortex-A8 fixed virtual platform


    Kindly, go through and help me out.

    Thanks and Regards