how to get ARMv8 model

I'm trying to run example of ds-5 for armv8.

on this step, I can't find, could anyone tell me how to get ARMv8 model? and what's it? how to install it?

thanks very much

"On Linux hosts: ./model_shell <Install dir of ARMv8 model>/lib/ -S"

  • DS-5 for ARMv8 does not ship with a model (FVP).  These are licensed and shipped separately. 

    There a couple of ways to get hold of a model...

    • Use the free Foundation model.  However, this won't let you do bare metal debug, which is what I guessing you wish to do with DS-5.
    • Use a pre-built FVP (fixed virtual platform) model.  These are models provided by ARM as pre-built binaries.  They are fixed in the sense that the memory map/peripheral set can't be changed.  However, they do have parameters to configure some aspects of the model.
    • Use the Fast Models to build your own customer models

    You may have already licenses a model or models.  Otherwise I'd suggest contacting ARM's support team (Self-Service).

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    Martin, thanks for reply.

    I have got a license of A53 of fast model. but after I build the project from example. the fastmodel only generate there files, that I didn't see in them:

    ~/FastModels/FastModelsPortfolio_8.3/examples/FVP_VE/Build_Cortex-A53x4$ ls Linux64-Debug-GCC-4.1/                   gen             isim_system

    Could you tell me how to build thanks

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    Hi Zhizhou, is just the name, in this case, equals to

    you can run the command line "model_shell64 -m -S"

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    OK, I got it. Many thanks.