Streamline with Pandaboard

Hello, I'm trying to get Streamline in DS-5.17 working with some Pandaboards: I have an A3, an A4 and an ES B2.  I'm using kernel version 3.13.3-x10, and my base image is a Debian build from Robert C Nelson's repo  When I run the standard image (with CONFIG_ENABLE_DEFAULT_TRACERS not set), I get samples in Streamline, but the cache, clock and instruction traces are all zero and don't update.  When I turn on CONFIG_ENABLE_DEFAULT_TRACERS and build a new kernel, then Streamline can't connect to the gator daemon.  Am I still missing a setting in the kernel (or other config)?  I enabled everything I saw in the "Using ARM Streamline" document.  This same version of DS-5 works on a Beaglebone running Anstrom 2013.12 (kernel 3.8.13).  I'd like to get Streamline working with the A8, A9 and A15 since we have projects using all those processors.

---Jon M