How to view functionwise analysis of a c/c++ program in DS-5 streamline analyzer (Community edition)?


I am using DS-5 streamline analyzer (Community edition) for profiling of my C++ program run on ARM target. I am new to DS-5.

I am able to view the timeline and functions views only.

In the functions view, I am not able to see performance of my program at function level. It is only showing only one entry named "Ardemo" which is my program binary.

There are some entries which are corresponding to some OpenCV libraries used by program.

How can I see the performance of various functions used in my program?

This is the snapshot of options I have used for capture.

Screenshot from 2014-01-28 16:18:52.png

This is the snapshot of Functions view of my capture.

Screenshot from 2014-01-28 16:20:48.png
  • Hi maheshg,

    It looks from your screenshot that you need to add the relevant program image (.ELF) file. If you do that and then toggle the symbol loading, you should have the maximum visibility available in DS-5 CE.



  • In reply to Joe Alderson:

    In a little more detail, in the dialog box you show in your first screenshot there is a "Program Images" box, which is currently empty. You need to add your binaries to that so that Streamline knows the symbol table(s) for the binary images it has detected.

    You can do this for any binary, shared object, and even the kernel (load the vmlinux image produced by the kernel build for your device). However, it is important to note that the best view is given if you are profiling a debug build which has not been heavily optimized (compile with -O1 -g) and to get a call hierarchy you need to compile for the ARM instruction set, using (-marm -fno-omit-framepointers) so the call stack unwinding works.

    For details of all of the options in the capture configuration dialog see ...

    ARM DS-5 Using ARM Streamline : 3.2 Capture & Analysis Options dialog box settings