DS-5 5.29 brings latest IP support, debug improvements and more

Arm’s Development Solutions Group is pleased to release DS-5 v5.29. This latest release includes leading edge IP support, new product features and enhancements making software development easier and faster.

Arm IP support

DS-5’s strong reputation has been built in part on the early support of Arm IP. And this release continues this momentum with new core support in the debugger for the second generation premium core, Cortex-A76 and the tamper-resistant Cortex-M35P processor (see feature video). Supporting these cores is Arm Compiler version 6.10.1. 


Next generation CoreSight Embedded Logic Analyzer (ELA-600), designed for debug, low level signal observability and data tracing, is now included in the debugger as a trace source. This means that it can be configured, trace collected and decoded. More information is available in this tutorial or by watching this video.

Software enhancements to the debugger include being able to connect using the latest Arm Debug Interface (ADIv6) – this handy video shows you how. And we’ve also made it easier to integrate third party probe debug connections – check out this video to find out how.

The Platform Creation Editor (PCE) now extends the DSTREAM automatic target detection and configuration to the ULINK2, ULINKpro D and CMSIS-DAP debug probes. New device configurations are included for the Arm Musca-A Cortex-M33 board (See Using DS-5 with Musca), Marvell 88F8040, NXP i.MX8M EVK and a Cortex-A76 Fixed Virtual Platform is shipped in the release. 

The debugger added OS awareness for Keil RTX5 (view feature video), and an example which can be used with Streamline performance analyzer demonstrating how to analyze a RTOS based system (view feature video).


Streamline performance analyzer is updated to support the Mali-G76, Mali-G52 and Mali-G31 GPUs.

Users can now compare and merge captures together to see if optimizations have improved system performance. Hardware counters can be selected and added dynamically whilst the Streamline trace is running. And systems with up to 128 cores can now be profiled enabling Streamline to be used with Arm servers.

For devices where root privileges are restricted, support has now been added to sample CPU hardware counter information, as well as support for unwinding the call stack from user space captures.

Mali Graphics Debugger

Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) has been updated with full trace replay greatly improved allowing OpenGL ES 3.2 trace to be replayed, so all OpenGL ES traces can now be replayed on the target. MGD can also automatically upload traces onto the target to be replayed, and multi-context support has been added.


This release of DS-5 also contains new examples to aid in getting started, these include

  • Bare metal examples for Cortex-A76
  • Keil RTX version 5
  • Use-case scripts for ELA-600 to the DTSL examples
  • Multi-core primes example for Cortex-R8

See more information and download instructions