DS-5 v5.27 Now Available

Today ARM releases a new version of ARM Development Suite, DS-5.27. We have added new IP support, OS awareness and several other exciting features.

IDE, Compiler, Fixed Virtual Platforms

We have focused heavily on enabling customers to use the many useful features in development suite. One of the ways we are doing this is to create a dynamic Welcome Page which will show updated videos, tutorials, and articles on new features and functionality.  For users who are developing on models instead of hardware, Fixed Virtual Platforms are upgraded to version 10.3.

DS-5 Debugger

As with every release, DS-5 includes support for the latest processors announced by ARM. We have added support for ARMv8.3-A extensions, ARMv8-A Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE), and debug support for AArch32 and AArch64 HLT-based semihosting (Version 2.0). For ARMv8-M architecture, we have added Memory Protection Unit (MPU) support with a new MPU view and mpu commands.

ARM DS-5.27 has expanded our OS awareness with support for SYSGO’s PikeOS on ARMv7 and ARMv8 devices and extended OS awareness for ExpressLogic ThreadX on ARMv8-A devices.

Many users and automated test labs prefer to interact with the debugger via command line interface (CLI). We have continued to support these capabilities by including the option to launch the command-line debugger using a launch configuration exported from Eclipse and the option to launch the command-line debugger in a server mode, allowing remote interaction.

DS-5.27 is the first development suite to support the newest member of our family of debug hardware, DSTREAM-ST, enabling streaming trace at higher speeds.
Finally, we have changed our licensing policy to enable bare-metal debug for Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 with a DS-5 Professional Edition License.


DS-MDK can now be installed standalone and does no longer require an existing MDK installation. We have also extended DS-MDK host support for Linux platforms.


One of the new features in Streamline that is grabbing a lot of attention from customers is the ability to profile on bare-metal systems as well as Linux. Following on the basic bare-metal profiling support added to DS-5.26, Streamline Bare-metal support has been improved to include the following:

* Transporting the profiling data off the target using STM

* Cortex-R support for both storing profiling data in memory and transferring off the target using STM

Another request from customers has been the ability to profile software performance on non-rooted systems. This means that many more customers can utilize Streamline’s performance analysis capabilities even on systems that previously weren’t supported. We’ve also added support for profiling the Mali-G51 GPU from ARM.

We are happy to announce support for split-debug files allowing debug symbols to be stored separately from the image like the debugger in DS-5. This enables debug sessions without the original source code.

Mali Graphics Debugger

For those users designing and developing on systems with GPUs, our newest release of Mali Graphics Debugger now supports user scripting allowing automation and customization of the graphics debugger. We now support Daydream applications and non-Mali GPUs. Installing MGD on rooted systems is now an easy automated process.

The Mali Offline Compiler included with Mali Graphics Debugger has been updated to include support for OpenGL ES 3.2 for Shaders.

Host OS support

This release, DS-5 v5.27, does not contain support for any 32-bit host platforms.

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