Deciphering DS-5 Support and Maintenance License Error C9932E

ARM is constantly providing updates to our DS-5 toolchain, and details of these updates are provided in the change log. When you purchase the tools, you will receive either a term or perpetual license depending on what you purchased, as well as support and maintenance (S+M) for these tools. The default S+M tem is one year from date of purchase. Once S+M has elapsed, even if you still have an ongoing license to use the tools, you may start to see errors of the form:

Error: C9932E: Cannot obtain license for Compiler (feature compiler5) with license version >= 5.0201401

It is not immediately obvious what the true meaning of this error is, other than that you cannot obtain a suitable license for your compiler.

The key is the number string, such as 5.0201401 in the above example. It may be clearer if the number was presented as

5.0     2014/01

Here, 5.0 represents ARM Compiler 5, and so will enable the compiler within DS-5, as well as previous versions of the ARM Compiler (armcc), as provided in our legacy tools, such as the RealView Development Suite.

The date string, 2014/01 in this case, means that to use this particular version of the ARM Compiler, requires valid support and maintenance up to at least the end of January 2014. If you do see this error, please contact your ARM sales representative or ARM tools distributor, and they can help you renew your S+M. Else you will need to downgrade to an older version of the tools, released previous to this date.

It is not always obvious to know which version you are entitled to use, and so I have prepared the below table, based on the above change log. Note that ARM Compiler 6 was also added in v5.18 and later releases. This is a brand new compiler (armclang), and is provided in DS-5 Ultimate Edition. Though use of this compiler will not generate the above error. I mention it in the below for completeness (armcc is also provided in these releases). As an aside, I've noticed many ARM Compiler 6 users have an unrelated, but similar licensing error of the form:

     License checkout for feature Product.CPU.Cortex-A53 was denied by product definition


     error: Cortex-A53 is not supported by this product

This is due to not correctly setting DS-5 Ultimate Edition in the ARM License Manager (available from the DS-5 GUI's Help menu). If this is not set, it can be worked around by adding the “--tool_variant=ult” option to the command line, or to the below environment variables (that augment the command line):





DS-5 Version

Compiler Version Date
5.00 N/A Jul 2010
5.01 N/A Aug 2010
5.02 N/A Sep 2010
5.03 N/A Dec 2010
5.04 N/A Feb 2011
5.05 5.00 May 2011
5.06 5.00u1 Jul 2011
5.06a 5.00u1 Aug 2011
5.07 5.01 Sep 2011
5.07b 5.01 Nov 2011
5.08 5.01u1 Nov 2011
5.08 5.01u1 Jan 2012
5.09 5.01u2 Mar 2012
5.10 5.01u3 May 2012
5.11 5.01u4 Jul 2012
5.12 5.02 Oct 2012
5.13 5.02u1 Dec 2012
5.14 5.03 Mar 2013
5.15 5.03u2 Jun 2013
5.16 5.03u3 Oct 2013
5.17 5.04 Dec 2013
5.17.1 5.04 Jan 2014
5.18 5.04u1 / 6.00 Apr 2014
5.18.1 5.04u1 / 6.00u1 May 2014
5.19 5.04u2 / 6.00u1 Jul 2014
5.20 5.05 / 6.00u2 Oct 2014
5.20.1 5.05u1 / 6.00u2 Dec 2014
5.20.2 5.05u1 / 6.01u1 Feb 2015
5.21 5.05u1 / 6.01u2 Apr 2015
5.21.1 5.05u1 / 6.01u2 Apr 2015
5.22 5.05u2 / 6.02 Jul 2015
5.23 5.06u1 / 6.3 Nov 2015
5.23.1 5.06u1 / 6.3 Dec 2015
5.24 5.06u2 / 6.4 Apr 2016
5.24.1 5.06u2 / 6.4 Jun 2016
5.25 5.06u3 / 6.5 Jul 2016
5.26 5.06u4 / 6.6 Nov 2016
5.26.2 5.06u4 / 6.6 Dec 2016
5.27 5.06u5 / 6.7 May 2017
5.27.1 5.06u5 / 6.7.1 June 2017
5.28 5.06u6 / 6.9 Nov 2017
5.28.1 5.06u6 / 6.9 Jan 2018

You can download all versions of DS-5 here.

Note for more information on license management, see here.