Honor9X Pro CPU not recongnized in arm streamline


i was gonna use Honor9X Pro as mid-end device to run unity game performance test with streamline, just realized the A76 CPU core is not picking up in the counter configuration.

according to the online spec,  Honor9X Pro is equiped with Octa-core (2x2.27 GHz Cortex-A76 & 6x1.88 GHz Cortex-A55). 

all i have now is "CPU cycles" in the other section down the bottom, 

in contrast, previously, i hav been using Honor Nova4e as low-end for performance test, all counters were picking up fine, at least all CPUs and GPU counters were all there.

problem with Honor9X Pro in Streamline and Perf Advisor :

when perf recording is running, the other CPU activity looks like working fine and got recorded like the big cores should.

while perf recording is running, if you expand the A55 Row, you can see all 6 cores, just like the spec said, which are mostly not doing anything, just like in most game.

while perf recording is running, if you expand the "other" CPU row, you can see 2 cores (presumably the 2 cores in A76), are doing all the heavy liftings, again, just like in most game. 

then, as soon as the perf recording stops, the "other" CPU row got empty out

and if you exapnd A55 row now, you can see the big cores data got all counted toward in A55, now under A55, we got all 8 cores in here

and to make problem worse, the performance advisor generated base on the above data, will always yield non-sense figure or simply no figure at all 

since CPU now is counting as the BigCore Usage In A55 Over the Whole Of the A55(which has 6 empty usage small cores) as the final CPU usage 

question :

the A76 data was recorded, i mean, is there a way somehow i can rewire the data presentation to make it look right in steamline, as well as in performance advisor ?

the following was the CPU perf figure with Nova4E, clearly the perf data is map up correctly in the figure