Does index-driven vertex shading in Bifrost architecture do position related calculation more than once

 Here is what i found in Arm Mali GPU Training Series( According to this image and the video i post, it seems mali gpu bifrost architecture split vertex shading into two part, it calculate position first and then after that using position to do the frustum culling and bind to related tiles before it continue to finsih the rest of vertex shading calculation. My question is suppose i store some position related information and pass it from vertex to picxal, for example world position. Does it means that this index-driven vertex shading will have to do some calculation, in this case, say calculate object to world transform,  more than once (both in position shading and varing shading)? I am not sure whether my understanding about this index-driven vertex shading is correct and i will be appreciate for anyone who can answer cause it means a lot for our project. Thanks.

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