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如何查找 Cortex M7 的指令执行周期?

对于Cortex M0 M3 M4 的我知道可以在其《Technical Reference Manual 》> Programmers Model > Instruction set summary 里面查看

但是到了M7, 他告诉我去ARM-V7-M的手册中找

“The processor implements the ARMv7-M instruction set and features provided by the ARMv7E-M architecture profile. For more information about the ARMv7-M instructions, see the ARM®v7-M Architecture Reference Manual.”  -----《ARM Cortex-M7 Processor Technical Reference Manual》Programmers Model > Instruction set summary > Binary compatibility with other Cortex processors

但是在 V7-M 手册里,也没有找到具体的指令执行周期。请问应该去哪里找呢

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