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Keil MDK下载设置RAM for Algorithm的大小

STM32G0工程Keil MDK下载设置里面的RAM for Algorithm是0x1000,大小是4K

RAM for Algorithm跟烧录算法文件的大小有关,编译了G0的FLM工程,编译信息如下:

Program Size: Code=480 RO-data=4256 RW-data=24 ZI-data=0


我把RAM for Algorithm设置的大小降到0x654就不能下载烧录,提示cannot load flash programming Algorithm,提高到0x658就能下载了,


struct FlashDevice const FlashDevice  =  {
   FLASH_DRV_VERS,             // Driver Version, do not modify!
   "STM32G0xx 128 KB Flash",   // Device Name (128kB)
   ONCHIP,                     // Device Type
   0x08000000,                 // Device Start Address
   0x00020000,                 // Device Size in Bytes (128kB)
   1024,                       // Programming Page Size
   0,                          // Reserved, must be 0
   0xFF,                       // Initial Content of Erased Memory
   400,                        // Program Page Timeout 400 mSec
   400,                        // Erase Sector Timeout 400 mSec

	 // Specify Size and Address of Sectors
   0x800, 0x000000,            // Sector Size  2kB