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how to use LPC1857 on chip non continuous RAM in keil IDE


I am using LPC1857 controller on my board. This controller has 136KB on chip RAM arranged in multiple non continuous blocks as follow:

Block 1- Address: 0x1000 0000 to 0x1000 7FFF ---> Size: 32KB

Block 2- Address: 0x1008 0000 to 0x1008 9FFF ---> Size: 32KB + 8KB

Block 3- Address: 0x2000 0000 to 0x2000 FFFF ---> Size: 4 x 16 KB

I have requirement of complete 136KB on chip memory in my application but in keil IDE version5.20 I can assign maximum 2 out of above 3 blockes in 'Target' option.

Currently I have assigned block2 and block3 memory in keil IDE as follow:

on chip IRAM1 - Start: 0x1008 0000 Size:0x9FFF

on chip IRAM2 - Start: 0x2000 0000 Size:0xFFFF

Is there any way by which I can assign all three memory blocks in keil IDE??

Please Help!!