How to use CoreSight debug and trace ?

Hello All,

I'm looking to use CoreSight debug and trace to capture interrupts or events on an ARM9 Cortex=A9x2 SM. I don't exactly know how to get started. I do have D-Stream JTAG. Most of the documentation that I have read consits of white papers. I have not really come across user guides or user manuals

  • Is it an ARM9 or Cortex-A9? They're two different things, especially in the fact that ARM9 systems don't have CoreSight (too early!) - but if you have DS-5 you can still debug.

    Do you want run control or trace?

    If you create a debug session in DS-5 is the SoC you're using in the shipped list of platforms? If so then this is quite easy (please read the DS-5 documentation on how to create a DS-5 Debug session).

    if it's not in the list you'll need to create a configuration that your session will use. There's a tool called Platform Configuration Editor which will do the job - it's accessible via the DS-5 Configuration perspective or from the New -> Platform Configuration menu item in Eclipse for DS-5. Again there are lots of docs on this, several blogs on this very Community.

    if you're having issues with the above please let us know but, of course, I should point out that if you own DS-5 and your license has not expired you can contact Arm support via Silver or email, giving us your license number. We will encourage you to read the above documentation first :)