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This blog has been updated to include post-DAC discussions as well - those in bold below.

In looking around the Community, I'm seeing a lot of discussions and excitement about the 2014 Design Automation Conference in San Francisco. I thought I'd use this opportunity to put everything (or nearly everything) in one location.

So far, my favorite upcoming event is the ARM Step Challenge (#ARMStepChallenge). A few blogs on the topic:

The ARM Step Challenge at DAC: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Who's the most fit DACer?  Follow #ARMStepChallenge at DAC 2014

The Aftermath of the ARM Step Challenge at DAC

The Winner of the ARM Step Challenge at 51st DAC is ....

Wrapping up the ARM Step Challenge with a Video Review

For a great overview of the ARM partners at DAC and a list of ARM-based presentations in the DAC conference, see Stand with ARM ecosystem at DAC 2014.

And a few partner blogs listing DAC events and talks:

DAC 2014 – Five Mega Trends for System Design and Verification

Software’s Growing Role in Semiconductor Ecosystems

ARM and Cadence at DAC 2014 - Partnering on Software Enablement, System Design and Verification

ARM-Synopsys Collaborations at #51DAC

Will be presenting at DAC in a few weeks... (Optimizing ARM-Based SoCs for Performance and Speeding System Validation)

DAC 2014: ASTC / VLAB Works in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion

ARM AAE and Energy Management training event at DAC

System Design at Day 1 of DAC – Low Power and Ecosystem Key Advantages for ARM

System Design at Day 2 of DAC – Automotive a Key Driver for System Design

And some blogs by ARM detailing DAC events:

DAC: ARM Connected Community was the San Francisco Giant

So, that was DAC 2014

DAC Breakfast: 14nm is Real and Ready for Use

Software’s Growing Role in Semiconductor Ecosystems

DAC 2014 - My shoes are ready

Avoiding tomorrow’s spamming refrigerators, today…

You can’t spell “connection” without “IoT”…Demystifying the Internet of Things

Fast Models Releases 8.4 and 9.0

bradnemire also summarized in ARM-based Projects, DAC Happenings, IoT Development and Arduino Zero with this simple link to all information tagged with 51DAC. Brilliant.

Don't forget about the Chance to win ARM Accredited Engineer exam voucher at DAC !

Hopefully, this gives a complete summary of DAC News on the Community. Let me know if I've missed anything!