• [r10p0 Driver] Does Mali-T7xx/Mali-T8xx series support  "Vulkan"?


    Does <Mali-T7xx/Mali-T8xx series> support  "Vulkan"?

    I wonder if <Mali Graphics Debugger v3.4> supports  "Vulkan".

    Vulkan supports the driver in <r10p0>?

    Thank you!

  • [Vulkan] Dual source blending

    I wonder if you're planning to implement dualSrcBlend to a Vulkan driver later at some point (currently not supported), perhaps we could raise it if it's yet not planned?

    Our Vulkan renderer will use it if the Vulkan driver supports it


  • RE: Vulkan mali t628

    but if you run a subset of the API vulkan, it normally should work vulkan. The more that it is the driver that runs

  • RE: Are the Vulkan drivers compatible with Mali-T764 GPU ?

    Thanks for this clarification.

    Have the Vulkan drivers for Mali T760 GPU been released yet ?

    Latest news seems to indicate that Vulkan userspace drivers are available on Samsung Galaxy S7 devices, but is there any user space binary driver with Vulkan support…

  • Mali and Vulkan on Linux fbdev

    Greetings everyone,

    Is there any example on how to execute a Vulkan example, with Mali drivers, on Linux using the fbdev interface ?

    I'm just wondering how the display initialisation and surface creation should be handled on such platforms, with Vulkan…

  • Initial comparison of Vulkan API vs OpenGL ES API on ARM

    Reducing power consumption and optimizing CPU utilization in a multi-core architecture are key to satisfy the increasing demand of delivering sustained high-quality graphics meanwhile maintaining a lasting battery life. The new Vulkan API facilitates…

  • Unity’s first “Vulkan Renderer Preview” recommends the ARM® Mali™ Galaxy S7 as development platform

    Unity-Vulkan-Logo.png On the 29th September, as promised at Google I/O, Unity released the first developer preview for their upcoming Vulkan renderer. Developers have been eagerly awaiting the release since Android Nougat was announced on the 22nd of August with Vulkan support…

  • RE: Vulkan function vkCreateDevice() returns error VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT (VkResult:-8) on HUAWEI P30

    Hi Ben,

    I also found that another Vulkan feature "fillModeNonSolid" is not support by Mali Vulkan Driver (I have tested on Mali-T880 and Mali-G76).

    This feature is important when need to render 3D object in wireframe mode. Interestingly, when…

  • Arm donates Vulkan Best Practice for Mobile Developers to The Khronos Group

    One year ago, we set out on a mission to make Vulkan API development more accessible for mobile developers through education, best practices and sample code. At GDC 2019, we unveiled our Vulkan best practices for mobile developers, and today we are announcing…

  • Vulkan higher GPU bandwidth than OpenGLES

    Hello everyone,

    I'm testing the performance of Vulkan vs. OpenGLES using the samples provided here:


    I modified the code to output an 8x8x8 cube of tori(donut) geometry. This seems to provide the GPU…