• Connecting Unity app to Streamline

    I'm trying to profile an app developed in Unity with Streamline. I followed the instruction for setting up the package here to make it debuggable, but I still get this from the terminal:

    "run-as: package not debuggable: com.srm.streamlinelab…

  • Vulkan Integration in Unity


    Last year at GDC 2016, Khronos launched the Vulkan 1.0 specification and the Khronos members released first Vulkan drivers and SDKs. Just a year later, at GDC 2017 Unity announced the Unity 5.6 release with the built-in Vulkan renderer. With…

  • MGD integration in Unity

    Roberto Lopez Mendez and Stephen Barton


    In a previous blog, Stephen Barton described the steps to build a Unity application with Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) support, using a non-rooted device.

    More recently, thanks to the collaboration of…

  • Comment on Update: Indoor Real-Time Navigation with SLAM on Your Mobile

    I see kinda big holes in the explanation of putting together these things. I'm having a hard time putting it all together and to make it work, but it's important for the project I'm working on. The video really seems promising but I got a strange feeling…

  • Comment on Update: Indoor Real-Time Navigation with SLAM on Your Mobile

    i get some problem for building the app··

    and my env is unity 2018.2.6f1 .pixel 2 xl

  • Building a Unity Application with Mali Graphics Debugger Support

    Update: An updated version of how to build Unity applications with Mali Graphics Debugger using OpenGL ES is now available.

    In the blog Using Mali Graphics Debugger on a Non-rooted device we discussed the idea that you could use Mali Graphics Debugger…

  • Comment on Dynamic Soft Shadows Based on Local Cubemap

    Hi everyone, we are in the process of releasing the Unity project, so that should be available soon. I will post information once it's ready for downloading.

  • Comment on Reflections Based on Local Cubemaps in Unity

    Can't you give me a complete project? I download the project from Unity asset store but the project didn't have the reflection local cubmap.

  • Comment on Update: Indoor Real-Time Navigation with SLAM on Your Mobile


    i try this project 3 weeks,i want to ask something about old project question.

    Unity V.2018.2.18f1 psersonal,i confirm all Object setting.

    but run in layout .apk in my Pixel 2 XL, just display Nothing, it mean display dark screen.


    on unity preview…

  • Unable to connect to the debugger

    I seem to be unable to properly connect the Mali Debugger to my unrooted Galaxy S6 running a Unity game. I install and launch the MGD.apk on my device, and it lists my Unity game as one of the traceable apps, yet when I open the device manager I see this…