• TrustZone Address Space Controller with CHI interface


    I am reading the AMBA 5 CHI Architecture Specification and in the overview it says:

    "ARM TrustZone support on a transaction-by-transaction basis."

    but I cannot find more information about TrustZone

    I would expect some TrustZone IP, similar…

  • Double RTOS kernel running on Cortex-M33 (Trustzone)

    Hi all,

    it would be possible to run two different RTOS kernels on a single core (Cortex-M33) using Trustzone?

    For example, let's suppose I want two full RTOS instances (e.g. FreeRTOS), one running in secure zone and other running in non secure zone.

  • Is there any document section for ARM TrustZone explaining the TrustZone extension

    I would like to know, Is there any document section for ARM TrustZone explaining the TrustZone extension

    Kindly support with Weblinks

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  • RE: Devices that Implement and Develop ARM Trustzone

    TrustZone technology for Arm Cortex-M processors enables robust levels of protection at all cost points for IoT devices. The technology reduces the potential for attack by isolating the critical security firmware, assets and private information from the…

  • Trustzone on ZC702

    I need to work on security related project on ZC702. Please provide guidance on how to proceed if I need to have following:-

    1. Trustzone enabled
    2. Linux environment
  • Cortex M55 Trustzone recommendations before jumping to next level software


    I'm still working on my bare metal firmware on new product based on Cortex M55 with Trustzone enabled (secure and non secure firmware are running).

    I have an issue , hardfault occurs,  when secure firmware would like to jump to next level secure…

  • Trustzone ARM V8M Call cmse_ns_entry function from secure world...


    I'm working on bare metal firmware using Cortex M55. Trustzone and use of cmse macros are enabled.

    Both secure world and non secure world are created and built.

    We want to call a secure service from non secure world. So for that  we create a cmse_ns_entry…

  • Difference between the OP-TEE and ARM TrustZone

    I would like to know the Difference between the OP-TEE and ARM TrustZone

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  • Introducing Arm’s Dynamic TrustZone technology

    TrustZone has been successfully securing media pipelines on Arm-based devices for over a decade. During this time the requirements of these devices have grown significantly with bit rates, resolution, frame rates, picture quality, and user interface innovation…