• TrustZone in CortexR

    I would like to know if TrustZone will ever be implemented on Cortex R:

    I was able to find in your documentation that:

    “TrustZone technology for ARMv8-M is also different from the virtualization approach as supported in the ARMv8-R architecture.…

  • MPU and TrustZone


    I am trying to configure MPU on Cortex-M23 processor with TrustZone enabled. I would like to assign an MPU region for a user-level application running in the non-secure side of TrustZone-M.

    I know that there are two copies of MPU, one (NS_MPU) for…

  • RE: ARMv8-M 网上研讨会,研讨会视频公布

    trustzone-M 技术与Trustzone技术有什么区别?

  • Comment on ODROID-C1 with Quad-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A5 CPU: What will you build?

    Yes, the Cortex-A5 does support Trustzone. More details on Trustzone technology and ARM processors supporting it can be found here

  • trustZone interrupts


    I am playing with TrustZone as light-weight Hypervisor. My setup uses IRQ->FIQ mapping for secure interrupts but I noticed that if I disable interrupts (I bit) in the normal world also no interrupts where propagated to the secure world. So the normal…

  • Trustzone and caches


    this question is following my work on the PL310 L2 cache of an imx6 board (see The specified item was not found. ).

    We are developing a secure OS that will run alongside Linux. At boot, our secure OS will start a couple application before actually starting…

  • TrustZone API

    Note: This was originally posted on 17th March 2010 at http://forums.arm.com

    I have developed a mobile payment program. The program is Windows Mobile / Android will operate on.
    However, passwords or credit card number stolen by a malicious program that…
  • TrustZone with PL310

    Note: This was originally posted on 17th August 2013 at http://forums.arm.com

    I plan to use a simple 'TrustZone Monitor'  with PL310(L2CC).
    In non-secure, I will play a Linux-Kernel.

    One problem.
    1. PL310's background-operation(inv.way etc..…
  • ARM trustZone

    Note: This was originally posted on 21st June 2012 at http://forums.arm.com

    [color=#222222][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]I am a student from kuwait and very much interested in trusted computing. I have few doubts in basic understanding of trusted computing…