• MPU and TrustZone


    I am trying to configure MPU on Cortex-M23 processor with TrustZone enabled. I would like to assign an MPU region for a user-level application running in the non-secure side of TrustZone-M.

    I know that there are two copies of MPU, one (NS_MPU) for…

  • Anchoring TrustZone with SRAM PUF

    Securing IoT devices throughout their lifecycle is gaining more attention as the risks and penalty of compromise increase rapidly. To support this development, Arm has released TrustZone security extensions for Cortex-M: the Armv8-M architecture. TrustZone…

  • TrustZone of the Cortex-M vs. TrustZone of the Cortex-A

    What is the difference between the TrustZone of Cortex M23/33 and the TrustZone of Cortex A?
    Can you provide documentation on this topic? May I start to prototype my Cortex M23 application on a Cortex A processor and then migrate to Cortex M23 when chips…

  • TrustZone API

    Note: This was originally posted on 17th March 2010 at http://forums.arm.com

    I have developed a mobile payment program. The program is Windows Mobile / Android will operate on.
    However, passwords or credit card number stolen by a malicious program that…
  • TrustZone with PL310

    Note: This was originally posted on 17th August 2013 at http://forums.arm.com

    I plan to use a simple 'TrustZone Monitor'  with PL310(L2CC).
    In non-secure, I will play a Linux-Kernel.

    One problem.
    1. PL310's background-operation(inv.way etc..…
  • ARM trustZone

    Note: This was originally posted on 21st June 2012 at http://forums.arm.com

    [color=#222222][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]I am a student from kuwait and very much interested in trusted computing. I have few doubts in basic understanding of trusted computing…
  • Running TrustZone

    Note: This was originally posted on 4th January 2013 at http://forums.arm.com


    I'm trying to run the TrustZone example from DS-5. And it's working with the RTSM-VE-A9x4. But this is just a simulation, isn't it. Because I do not have to power up DSTREAM…