• RE: Can ARM NN run on ARM Mali 400 MP2

    Hi Fatima, The ARM Mali-400 GPU has no support for OpenCL so it will not work with the 'GPU' backend of ArmNN.

    ArmNN uses the OpenCL configuration of Arm's Compute Library for GPU acceleration. You can find out the hardware and driver requirements…

  • RE: OpenCL strange error codes


    The OpenCL library provided as part of the OpenCL SDK is a dummy one which is here only to allow you to bulid your application using OpenCL symbols, when you run your application, make sure the real OpenCL library gets used, not the one from the OpenCL…

  • RE: printf in opencl kernel not work

    Hi ericlew,

    Which GPU you use ?

    does GPU support OpenCL 1.2 and above version ? 

    In OpenCL 1.1 printf will work through OpenCL extension, for ARM GPU you should use cl_arm_printf:

    const char *opencl =

    "\n#ifdef cl_arm_printf\n"
    "#pragma OPENCL…

  • Different between Mali OpenCL SDK and OpenCL inside OpenCV

    Hi everyone,
    Do you know what is different between Mali OpenCL SDK and OpenCL in OpenCV library. I see that in Mali OpenCL SDK has some detail sample code about how to create Memory buffer, get input data, setup argument... But in OpenCL inside OpenCV…

  • Mali OpenCL SDK not found


        I'm trying to get the 64 bit OpenCL 1.2 libraries onto my Android development board. My goal is to finally use ARM Compute Library with OpenCL on Android. 

       I see that since Android 4.x onwards OpenCL support was stopped by Google (probably to…

  • RE: opencl issue with Hikey970 (Mali G72)

    Hi, I recently work a OpenCL and OpenCV project with hikey970. Do you obtain finally the Mali G72 driver for OpenCL?


  • RE: OpenCL on Juno

    Thanks for your reply..

    I was under the impression Mali Kernel drivers themselves have support for OpenCL. So if i wanted to add OpenCL support to

    juno board on linux, how can i do it ? Is there any souce code for OpenCL

    available which i can port and…

  • MaliT860 GPU opencl compile

    I am above maliT860GPU graphics processing opencl acceleration, and now I hope the opencl code and my original project merging, how to write cmake file
    Also ask whether there is no recommendation mali opencl sdk

  • RE: Does Huawei Mate 9 support OpenCL?

    OpenCL-Z is saying that the possible reasons are:

    1) The device may not support OpenCL.

    2) The OpenCL driver library was not found on the device.

    But I do see libOpenCL.so in above folders.



  • Using OpenCL on Odroid-XU3 is slower than without OpenCL

    Hello, I'm using Odroid-XU3.
    And I installed Opencv 3.0.0-rc1 on odroid-xu3 ubuntu 14.04.

    I have two question.

    First, In procedure installing opencv, there's no opencl sdk directory option.
    I just check 'WITH_OPENCL' and etc.
    But, Using OpenCL…