• fault

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on the network application in C and ARM.

    I'm trying to continuously pass UDP strings from my PC to a new box. It works perfectly. However, I am getting seemingly random faults after a couple of minutes of usage.…

  • RE: Multiple uVision instances with different uLinks

    Hi Michael.
    Thank You for your prompte reply.

    Do you have any documentation on this?
    I'ld like to understand how to link each instance of the uVision with its specific uLink JTAG box on the same PC.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


  • RE: Error log

    Compiler, Linker, etc messages go into the .plg file in the Objects folder.

    Or are you talking about a Windows message when - sorry, "if" ;-) - Vision crashes? in that case, it'll depend on your PC setup.
    IIRC, it tells you the name of…

  • RE: LPC2888 USB High speed interface.

    Most of PC device drivers are designed so that they work independently of bus speed.

    For Windows, these in-box device drivers work both on Full-/Hi-speed.

    USB audio, Bluetooth, CCID, CDC, HID, Hub, Mass storage, Printer, RNDIS, PTP, IrDA bridge,…

  • Build counter

    One can often see "build number" in about boxes of different applications for PC. Wouldn't it be nice if uVision had some sort of 'build counter'? It would help in tracing version numbers and show the amount of work spent for writing software.…

  • RE: DS-5: hello sample compilation

    Note: This was originally posted on 12th May 2011 at http://forums.arm.com

    Hi, I loaded thr license successfully.

    I'm trying to run the application on the PC (by 'debug as local c application') and I get message box - Lunch failed, binary not found.…
  • Setting-up PC-Lint to blanket ignore issues in Standard Library and Software Packs

    Hi guys,

    I'm attempting to setup PC-Lint in a Keil MDK project, however it's of course throwing up a huge number of errors for my Software Packs and Standard Library files. I have all 'Include Project Information' boxes checked in the PC-Lint Options…

  • RE: problem about putchar and puts functions

    1. please read the instructions about how to post code - it was right there above the box where you typed you post, and here:

    "I see no reason why when I call init() it automatic send two bytes to my PC because I run…

  • RE: Bad code

    "1 I use c version 12.00.8804 which I get from the about box. I think that the program is from Cryslat Systems which it says there to."

    That is not a Keil product.
    This forum is specifically for discussions about Keil products:

  • a service installation section in this inf is invalid

    i deleted some thing in my pc couple days ago and now when i plug in my SanDisk Sansa m240 into my computer but it wont find, saying it connot find the device. so i uninstalled the driver and tried to reinstall it then "a service installation section…