• RE: Strange PC value at reset/startup

    Sorry you did not see a response on this. The Reset_Handler is indeed where execution begins, and can be thought of as the low-level entry point. This will ultimately call __main, the C library init code, which eventually calls main(), the standard start…

  • ARM: Simulator won't run unmodified Blinky

    Newbie here. I've spent about a day digging through app notes and previous postings and don't see the answer to this. I have an MCB2929, though we are waiting for the ULINK box. Therefore I am trying to just compile code and run it in the simulator on…

  • RE: usb hid to increase byte transfer from kit to pc

    Can you, please, tell use why you think anyone would care to read your code, if you can't even read the instructions, and format it as code? Does it look readable to you?

    The instructions on how to post code are clearly visibile just above the…

  • RE: PC-Lint Where to buy?

    Great tool. Don't code without it.

    One nice thing is that PC-Lint has config files to work with Keil C extensions right out of the box. So you don't need to worry about all of the "interrupt" and "pdata" words scattered around in your code.…

  • RE: Question with bdata declaration

    The problem is the same as fragmentation on your PC's hard drive - and is common to many computer storage systems:


    As an analogy, consider that you have a load of boxes that you want to fit into a…

  • RE: MicroController Connection

    1) WHAT microcontroller
    2) added codes like read, write into the program and when the serial cable is not connected to the mircocontroller WHAT program? PC program or uC program
    3) i need to pass in information for example "a" and display it in a display…

  • Nohau EMUL51-PC 8051 development system on eBAY

    There is a Nohau EMUL51-PC 8051 development system for the Philips 8051 family on sale on ebay.

    The development system is about three years old, fully working, and in excellent shape. It was used to emulate a Philips P89C51RD2. The system includes: a…

  • fault

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on the network application in C and ARM.

    I'm trying to continuously pass UDP strings from my PC to a new box. It works perfectly. However, I am getting seemingly random faults after a couple of minutes of usage.…

  • RE: Multiple uVision instances with different uLinks

    Hi Michael.
    Thank You for your prompte reply.

    Do you have any documentation on this?
    I'ld like to understand how to link each instance of the uVision with its specific uLink JTAG box on the same PC.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.