• RE: Why is the debugger hanging?

    Hi Stephen,

    From the address (0x200), its does look like an exception is occurring, due to e.g. a stack or heap overflow (but you have no exception handlers in place), or maybe due to a semihosting call not being handled.

    Do you see any semihosting output…

  • RE: Multiple uVision instances with different uLinks

    Hi Michael.
    Thank You for your prompte reply.

    Do you have any documentation on this?
    I'ld like to understand how to link each instance of the uVision with its specific uLink JTAG box on the same PC.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


  • Build counter

    One can often see "build number" in about boxes of different applications for PC. Wouldn't it be nice if uVision had some sort of 'build counter'? It would help in tracing version numbers and show the amount of work spent for writing software.…

  • RE: USB to RS232

    Dhaval, one of us has clearly grabbed the wrong end of the stick.

    As phrased the question suggests that the device normally connects to a PC via a USB connection, and the desire is to translate that USB interface/function back to serial. This would…

  • ARM: Simulator won't run unmodified Blinky

    Newbie here. I've spent about a day digging through app notes and previous postings and don't see the answer to this. I have an MCB2929, though we are waiting for the ULINK box. Therefore I am trying to just compile code and run it in the simulator on…

  • RE: LPC2888 USB High speed interface.

    Most of PC device drivers are designed so that they work independently of bus speed.

    For Windows, these in-box device drivers work both on Full-/Hi-speed.

    USB audio, Bluetooth, CCID, CDC, HID, Hub, Mass storage, Printer, RNDIS, PTP, IrDA bridge,…

  • RE: Error log

    Compiler, Linker, etc messages go into the .plg file in the Objects folder.

    Or are you talking about a Windows message when - sorry, "if" ;-) - Vision crashes? in that case, it'll depend on your PC setup.
    IIRC, it tells you the name of…

  • RE: Question with bdata declaration

    The problem is the same as fragmentation on your PC's hard drive - and is common to many computer storage systems:


    As an analogy, consider that you have a load of boxes that you want to fit into a…

  • a service installation section in this inf is invalid

    i deleted some thing in my pc couple days ago and now when i plug in my SanDisk Sansa m240 into my computer but it wont find, saying it connot find the device. so i uninstalled the driver and tried to reinstall it then "a service installation section…


    Is the Proteus approach working well for your programming/debugging style?

    You'd use a Microsoft or GNU C compiler, the serial port access could be abstracted via a couple of subroutines so ostensibly the same core code could be run on the PC or 8051…