• Need eprom upgrade

    I am looking for a source for an upgrade for an LPC2132FBD64. It goes in a vending machine. Parts are not available for model Genesis 173 Office Deli. Any tips appreciated.

  • Comment on Setting up Android on Juno

    ADB over USB, can't seem to get it working. Loaded udev rules with the Genesys Logic 0x05e3 and Keil SOftware (0xc251) and did the usual stop/start of udev and then adb kill-manager./adb start-manager to no avail.  I don't see ARM show up as a USB device…

  • Comment on Is the Maker movement changing Embedded design? An interview with Chris Rommel of VDC Research

    Think back to the whole platforms genesis in SoC design a couple of decades ago; layer in software and--voila--you have the maker movement, overly simplified. I think it's a harbinger for a massive expansion (five years? 10 years from now?) in the served…

  • RE: Error when using string pointers

    My main function looks like below,

    void main(void)
         WriteString("Control Genesis Power Supply");
    void InitSerialPort(void)
             TMOD = 0x20;

  • 传ARM拟8500万美元收购以色列移动安全公司Sansa

    消息人士透露,芯片设计商ARM Holdings(以下简称“ARM”)正在洽购专注于移动和电脑芯片安全业务的以色列安全公司Sansa Security(以下简称“Sansa”)。消息人士称,ARM和Sansa之间这一交易可能会在几个月内完成,预计收购价格在7500万美元至 8500万美元。针对这一消息,双方公司均拒绝置评。


  • Linaro系列文章第二篇,参与Linaro

    在上一篇中,我们分享了 Linaro的历史、现状以及组织架构等内容。在本篇中,我们将了解到公司和个人开发者如何参与 Linaro 开发工作的相关内容。

    本文是 Linaro 系列文章的第二篇,包含如下章节:

    一、  Linaro 会员

    二、  Linaro 合作伙伴计划 (Linaro Partner Program, LPE)

    三、  Linaro 社区用户

    四、  Linaro 官方网站

    五、  Linaro 社区相关资源链接

    系统芯片厂商 (SoC Venders…