Arm Research Summit Keynote Speakers Announced

There are just a few weeks to go before the 2018 Arm Research Summit! We’re pleased to announce that our full agenda is now available, featuring a wide range of talks, workshops and demos taking place at Robinson College, Cambridge (UK) between 17-19 September 2018.

This year, as well as a whole host of other inspiring presenters, we’re excited to welcome three keynote speakers to the Summit. Mike Muller, Haiyan Zhang and Yungang Bao will be sharing their thoughts on the latest technology research and developments helping us to achieve a connected world, and the impact of doing so.

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Mike Muller, Chief Technology Officer, Arm

Mike Muller

Mike Muller was one of the founders of Arm. Before joining the Group, he was responsible for hardware strategy and the development of portable products at Acorn Computers. He was previously at Orbis Computers. At Arm he was VP, Marketing from 1992 to 1996 and EVP, Business Development until October 2000 when he was appointed Chief Technology Officer. In October 2001, he was appointed to the Board. 

In his keynote on the first day of the Summit, Mike will address the slowing of Moore’s law and why it’s a great opportunity for innovation, crime on the web, the growing importance of data and the security of his own home. 

The Arm Research Summit is all about sharing ideas, fostering collaboration and accelerating the development of future technologies. It offers a fantastic opportunity for networking and discussion with peers from across the research ecosystem; connecting those from academic and industrial research backgrounds. I'm looking forward to sharing my own thoughts on the impact of technology, as well as hearing more about the latest research developments from around the world.”  

Haiyan Zhang, Innovation Director, Microsoft Research

Haiyan Zhang is a designer, engineer and maker of things. An innovation and technology leader, Haiyan has spent the past 20 years working hands-on across software engineering, user experience, hardware development, service design, cloud platforms, design thinking and blue-sky envisioning. She continues to push on the boundaries where technology can transform people's lives for the better.

Haiyan is Innovation Director at Microsoft Research in Cambridge and Technical Advisor to Lab Director, Christopher Bishop. She is also an inventor appearing in the BBC documentary series, Big Life Fix, inventing cutting-edge technology in support of people and communities in need.

Haiyan will be presenting her keynote; ‘Empathy and Insight in New Technology Thinking’ on the first day of the Summit. Her talk will explore the power of connective and machine learning technologies in offering previously unimagined solutions to complex real-world challenges that impact real lives. She will explain the need to embrace new skillsets in empathy and insight, processes and techniques for shedding light on the often irrational and messy inner workings of people, sharing stories that highlight the process of seeking insight, and working across technologies to craft new experiences.

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Yungang Bao, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yungang Bao

Yungang Bao is a Professor of the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Director of the Center of Advanced Computer Systems (ACS) at ICT. His research interests include computer architecture and systems, and he serves on program committees of ASPLOS, ISCA, MICRO and SC etc. His research work, such as Labeled von Neumann Architecture (LvNA), Hybrid Memory Trace Tool (HMTT), Partition-Based DMA Cache and PARSEC 3.0 has been adopted by industry including Alibaba, Huawei, Intel as well as the research community. He has been invited to speak at a variety of events, including the plenary keynote at the China National Computer Congress (CNCC) with 5,000 delegates in 2016. He received his Ph.D. degree from ICT in 2008 and was a post-doctoral researcher at Princeton University between 2010 and 2012.  

Yungang will be presenting his talk, ‘The Case for Labeled Computer Architecture: New Interfaces of Conveying High-level Information to the Hardware’, on the final morning of the Summit. He will explore a solution to conventional computer architecture quality-of-service and security challenges with a new architecture proposition, Labeled von Neumann Architecture (LvNA), which enables a new hardware/software interface by introducing a hardware labeling mechanism to convey software’s semantic information such as QoS and security to the underlying hardware.

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Student Accommodation Bursaries 

To support students in attending the Summit, this year Arm Research are offering student accommodation bursaries. Students just need to register using the code ACCOMBURS and their accommodation during the Summit will be included in their registration fee!

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