mismatch between ARMv7-M ref manual and core_cm7.h

The ARMv7-M reference manual notes there eight ITM trace enable registers called ITM_TER0 to ITM_TER7.  However, core_cm7.h only has one ITM_TER register.  Can you clarify?  Is it an error in core_cm7.h?

  • The Cortex-M7 manual only has one ITM_TER register correct.  However, while the register is in the table summary, further details of the register are not in the manual.  The image below is the only mention of the ITM_TER register in the manual.  Where can a full description of the register be found?

    Secondly, the reference manual names the stimulus ports ITM_STIM but core_cm7.h names the ports PORT[].  Is there a naming mismatch between the manual and core_m7.h?

    The Cortex-M7 manual names the stimulus ports ITM_STIM

    core_m7.h names the stimulus ports PORT[]

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