Run CM3 hex image in Modelsim


is there some guide which shows how to run a Keil hex mage for Cortex M3 in Modelsim?

To be more specific, I want to run an interactive simulation in Modelsim of my Cortex M3 design and associated software  to analyse  timings of CPU instructions and bus accesses      


  • Hi there,

    In your Keil MDK project, in the user setting

    Add a command to execute after the build (you might want to change the output filename):

    $K\ARM\ARMCC\BIN\fromelf.exe #L --vhx --8x1 --output hello.hex

    The output file is a list of bytes.

    In your verilog design, you need an AHB ROM model in the simulation testbench. The ROM model can read the hex file using:

      reg    [7:0]  rom_data[0:65535];


      $readmemh("hello.hex", rom_data);