The Internet of Things and ARM at Embedded World - A perfect match at EW2014,  Day 2

Another glorious day in Nuremberg and once again it's back the Messe Conference Centre for day 2 of the Embedded world show. For me day two seemed even busier than day one in term of the sheer number of attendees - it will be interesting to check the stats on attendees this year. There is a general consensus from many of those that I've spoken to over the last couple of days that this event is always great for new business opportunities but also a great place for meeting the real engineers, those that sit of the cubicles and  offices and create all of the embedded products that we use in our every day lives, many of us not even realising that there is a little computer, often on ARM, doing most the of the heavy lifting.

Today I caught up with John Cornish who heads up the ARM IoT Business Unit. He talked me about his take on what IoT means and what ARM is doing to face the challenge of helping those to create products for the this application space.

Geoff Lees, a regular amongst the Embedded World community, and always a great person to catch up with at this show, was on hand to talk about the new really small (and I mean really small) Freescale Kinetis KL03 MCU family - so small that the device can fit into the dimple of a golf ball. In fact you can fit about 70000 inside the golf ball if you wanted to.

To back up Geoff's comment here is a picture of the chip next to a golf ball - picture used with permission from Freescale Semiconductor


I also met with Mark Cieri from Active Semi who gave the latest news of the High Voltage Motor Control Kit based on the Cortex-M0.

Back at the ST booth I met with Laurent Vera who talked to me about the success that the STM32 product families have been having in the IoT market space.

The Nuremberg sausages were a hit last night, as was the local beer.

On the step challenge I haven't managed to find out the numbers from the team over at MWC, but I think I'm  a loser this time as many of the meetings were a lot closer than in the past. Day one totalled 12,169 steps and day two only totalled a disappointing 8673 - oh well there's always next year :-) Mental note that I must work harder  and walk further at these events....