HEXUS Epic Giveaway Week 3: Gaming peripherals, Sphero 2.0, GPS watch and more

We're in the last half of the month-long Hexus Epic Giveaway and the prizes just keep on coming:

Razer gaming peripherals

Black Widow. Death Stalker. Two things you generally want to steer clear of unless you’re talking about gaming peripherals from Razer.

Those two products are among a half-dozen keyboard, mouse and other peripherals made available as part of the HEXUS EPIC Giveaway.

Here’s a peek at the devices:

14 dev boards and eval kits

Day 14 of the giveaway is tailor-made for engineers. Perfect for DIY prototyping-type endeavors, the offerings include:

The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree.

TomTom GPS Watch

If it's the holidays, that means that pretty soon you're going to be working off all the pounds you gained enjoying sumptuous holiday meals. Perfect timing then for an athletic watch. The Day 15 prize is a TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch, powered by an Microchip SMART ARM® Cortex® M7-based MCU. Spark tracks your activity every minute of every day and can be used to keep tabs on all your sports, be it running, cycling, the gym or swimming.

Five Samsung SSDs

Storage never goes out of style. That’s why the five Samsung SSDs on Day 20 of the giveaway are so timely.

Up for grabs are four 120GB 850 Evo drives - two in a 2.5in form factor and two as M.2. In addition, one 250GB T1 Portable is on the block.

HomeMonitor HD security cameras

While most people take some time off around the holidays, many work up until the last minute, even though home and hearth are festooned with holiday decorations.

HD security cameras provide the usual peace of mind or alert you to issues when you’re out of the home. But around the holidays, sometimes it’s nice to check in remotely and see what’s awaiting you at day’s end.

Five Y-cam HomeMonitor systems are the Day 17 giveaway prizes from HEXUS and ARM. Check it out.

Sphero 2.0

You’d be hard-pressed to identify a cuter and trendier device throughout high-tech trade show floors in 2015 than the Sphero BB-8.

Now, on Day 18 of the giveaway, comes the Sphero 2.0.

You know you’re going to buying these for the kids this holiday season, so why not make your life even more special by entering for a chance to get one yourself?

Go here to get started.

Here is a  link to the EPIC Giveaway contest page and to earlier ARM Connected Community coverage. Check back here to see additional giveaway opportunities in the coming days.