Early adopters of ARM Cortex-A73, Mali-G71 and CCI-550 successfully tape-out using Synopsys tools

Early adopters of ARM's 2017 premium mobile experience IP suite, including the ARM® Cortex®-A73 CPU, Mali™-G71 GPU, and the CoreLink™ CCI-550 cache coherent interconnect as well as the related Artisan POP™ technology, have successfully taped out using Synopsys tools and verification IP.

In support of ARM's launch of this new premium mobile suite, Synopsys issued a concurrent news release highlighting our mutual customer tape-out success. Among the Synopsys products used in these tapeouts are:

In addition, Synopsys announced the immediate availability of a Reference Implementation for the Cortex-A73 processor (using ARM Artisan POP technology) that you can use to jump start optimized implementation of your Cortex-A73 core.

Come to see ARM + TSMC + Synopsys at DAC to learn more about the Reference Implementation - breakfast DAC Monday, a great way to kick off DAC!

Congratulations to ARM on the well received product rollout and also to our mutual customers who are already moving toward products with this new premium mobile IP suite.