Catching the nerd bird home from Embedded World 2014 - Day 3

A colleague of mine once told me about the 'Nerd Bird' which was the name given to a flight from San Jose to Austin, which was always a particularly full flight the night of the last day of the Embedded Systems Show in San Jose. Well, I think Europe has its own equivalent as the flight I caught home was full of, to put of politely, nerds like me. There were a number of faces I recognised from members of the Press, to friends and business contacts from a variety of ARM Connected Community Partners - all of us shattered and joyfully waiting to get home. The flight was a CityJet flight from Nuremberg to London City Airport - a flight that I understand will not be running for much longer, so we'll all need to figure out an alternative route for next year. I think I can categorically say that every one of us on that plane were exhausted, and what I found particularly funny was about 10 minutes into the flight I could hardly hear any voices and when I looked around most people were snoozing away, and it was only 4 p.m.

We're still updating and posting more videos from the show so keep checking back on the latest videos to be posted on the Embedded World 2014 ARMFlix playlist. Here are a few more I thought I'd share with you.

Nordic Semiconductor and mbed

Thomas Ulleberg from Nordic Semiconductor talked with me about the importance of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for products for IoT (Internet of Things) applications and explained to me how the collaboration between Nordic Semi and ARM with the mbed platform would help IoT Developers. Read more at World’s first ARM mbed development platform for Bluetooth Smart applications.

STMicroelectronics and mbed

Sticking with discussions about mbed at the show, I also chatted with Laurent Hanus about the new STMicroelectronics Nucleo platform and the collaboration with mbed - find out more at ST Nucleo F103RB

During the show more mbed news emerged as The specified item was not found. announced that they were '.. supporting the ARM mbed embedded development platform to bring wireless interface to projects for the developing internet of things (IoT)'. Check out the story at Electronics Weekly News Embedded World: CSR and ARM gear up for IoT

Silicon Labs and IoT

It was great to meet Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, and ask him about his view of IoT and what he felt was just round the corner with some crystal ball gazing.

Atmel with SAMA5D3 MPU and SAM D MCU families

Atmel had a constantly busy booth at the show and I met with Jacko Wilbrink and Ingar Fredrikson to talk about the latest news with the SAMA5D3 MPU and SAMD MCU families.


Read more about the Atmel products that were launched at the show here - Atmel Introduces Three New Product Families, Expanding Its Low-power SAM D Cortex M0+-Based MCU Portfolio

For some more detail take a look at the Atmel blog about about taking A closer look at Atmel’s new SAMA5D3 Xplained board

Future Electronics and ARM Accreditation Corporate Partnership

I talked with Stephen Carr about the importance of the announcement at the show that Future Electronics were the first distributor to become an ARM Accreditation Corporate Partner - read more details here - Future Electronics the First Distributor to Become an ARM Accreditation Corporate Partner

Infineon and Keil MDK for Infineon XMC1000

Infineon Technologies announced a  collaboration with ARM at the show with the availability of Keil MDK tools for ARM Cortex-M0 based Infineon XMC1000 familiy of MCUs. I chatted with Maurizio Skerlj about this and the success of the XMC product lines.

There were quite a few Embedded related announcements that came out this week for the show - if you want to find out more then check out the following links

New LPC Microcontroller Streamlines Motor Control from NXP - see the video here NXP LPC1500 series (EW 2014) - YouTube

STM32L0 Series from  STMicroelectronics - see the video here STMicroelectronic's STM32 L0 (EW 2014) - YouTube

Freescale Shrinks World’s Smallest ARM-Based MCU by an Additional 15 Percent from Freescale - see the video here Freescale Kinetis KL03 MCU (EW 2014) - YouTube

So as another busy week, what with Embedded World and Mobile World Congress, comes to an end and the Europe mobile and tech industries return to a sense of normality, it's nice to look back at the last few days. With around 900 exhibitors, over 22,000 visitors and almost 1,500 conference participants at the Embedded World show all leaving in the last couple of days, I think Nuremberg will be a much calmer and quieter city this weekend. (I will find out the statistics for MWC and add them as a comment below next week.) The ongoing success of these events are a great sign of the continued growth and innovation that takes place in our industry, and I for one am really proud to be part of it !

See you next time.