Arm releases Server Architectural Compliance Suite v1.0

Arm is pleased to announce the v1.0 release of the Arm Server Architectural Compliance Suite (ACS).

Arm Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) and Server Base Boot Requirements (SBBR) specifications require a minimum set of hardware and firmware implementations that ensure operating systems (OS) and platforms interoperate. The latest versions are SBSA v3.1 and SBBR v1.0 and they are available at

The ACS is split across two repos:

These tests are provided as open source via the Apache v2 License. Note, ACS is based on the UEFI Self Compliance Test (SCT), which is not currently open source due to historical reasons. Arm is working with the UEFI Forum to find a solution.

Ultimately, we want to reach the point where the passing of the ACS would provide significant confidence that Arm servers would just work out of the box with the operating environment of their choosing.

SBSA/SBBR Specifications set the foundation for the interoperability between the various operating environments (e.g., Windows, Linux, hypervisors) and the platforms with hardware from many different silicon providers. The ACS is provided to assist the OEMs and ODMs in validating the conformance to these specifications.

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