Arm-based Innovations from Chip to Cloud – See Us at Arm TechCon 2018

Arm TechCon 2018 is nearly here, taking place October 16 – 18. Visit the Arm booth, #525, to see demonstrations from Arm and a few of our ecosystem partners. Together we are creating better possibilities and want to share the latest innovations from chip to cloud.

What's happening on the Arm booth?

This year, the Arm booth will have 23 demos sectioned into four areas: Infrastructure, IoT Solutions, Smart Edge Computing and Tools and Training. To learn more about IoT solutions including the Arm Pelion IoT Platform, read Kristen’s blog for her round up of Arm’s IoT related demos and sessions.

Infrastructure Demo Highlights

  • Gigabit wireless for 5G - 6 node network based on Blu Wireless’s HYDRA1.0 system IP embedded in a RWM6050 baseband modem. Demo includes full ½ and ¼ channelization with enhanced baseband processing to show adjacent and co-channel performance. Read the Blu Wireless blog to learn more.
  • Network slicing technology for 5G - The KDDI Research demonstration of new approach to network slicing is perfect example that the combination of Arm CPU and open source software enables flexible development environment and realizes truly new idea of technologies for 5G network innovationRead the KDDI Research blog to learn more.
  • Virtual edge experience - This tactile shared experience provides a unique exploration of Arm’s current and upcoming AI technologies. Explore how AI is deployed on Arm technology today, and the flexibility and performance Project Trillium will enable going forward.

Smart Edge Computing Demo Highlights

  • Chirp: Transmit data via sound - Chirp sends and receives data using sound, with nothing but a device's existing speaker, and microphone information is converted to an audio signal, heard by nearby devices, and then converted back to the original data. To learn more about this demo, read Chirp’s blog.
  • Face recognition at the edge - Au-Zone face recognition demo built with DeepView running on NXP's i.MX8MQ. The module gives access (unlock icon) to known people and provides functionality to add new users to the system and retrains the model at the edge within a few seconds.
  • Indoor navigation without GPS - A solution for indoor navigation where GPS technology doesn't work. Outdoors, combined with GPS SLAM, can improve current GPS accuracy from ~5 meters to centimeter range.
  • Machine learning for microcontrollers - This demonstration utilizes the Arm CMSIS-NN framework to deploy a trained image recognition network to an Arm Cortex-M7 based device. To learn more about Arm’s ML activities at TechCon, read Hellen’s blog.

Tools and Training

  • Custom silicon success - A set of case studies to support engagement around the support Arm gives to customers, including DesignStart and the Arm Approved Program.
  • Accelerated SoC Design - This demo will show that with Arm on your side from SoC selection to final applications, you can get to market faster with a better-quality product. This demo is made up of three demo pods that work together in a continuum.
  • SoC Design – Cycle Models simplifies SoC selection and Socrates simplifies IP integration. IP – DesignStart.
  • Pre-hardware development – using Arm Development Studio (DS IDE)  to accelerate software development for multi-core projects pre-hardware availability using Fast Models.
  • Embedded applications – Arm Development Studio (uVision IDE) is the efficient way to code on Armv8-M architectures, especially ML IP – Armv8-M.

This is just a sample of our demos. Please make sure to visit us at booth 525. We are looking forward to seeing you at TechCon!

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