200˚C Arm Cortex Reference Design Proving to be a hit with Aerospace Designers

The sources of interest in the VORAGO Technologies HT-DAB-1 high temperature data acquisition evaluation and reference design kit has surprised me a bit.

The solution was primarily intended for downhole electronics designers, to allow them to quickly and easily evaluate a board that was designed, tested and guaranteed to operate at 200˚C. The aspect ratio of the PCB itself is unusual, as it is intended to fit into a drill assembly.

My surprise is that the solution is proving to be equally popular with Aerospace designers who are also interested in a data acquisition solution that operates at 200˚C. In Aerospace systems, the thrust to weight ratio can be improved by implementing FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) systems that implement distributed electronics nodes around the aircraft. These nodes are often ideally situated in a location that is subjected to extreme temperature.

The ability of integrated circuits to withstand extreme temperatures can facilitate SWaP (Size Weight and Power) savings by reducing wiring mass and both active or passive thermal management subsystems. The bottom line is that a component that is guaranteed to operate at 200˚C can give designers lots of system implementation options that were not previously possible.

All of the design files are available for designers to download for free at the VORAGO Technologies website.