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A poll on wireless accident avoidance

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Earlier this week I posted that wirelessly connected cars, using RFID technology, were something that is just waiting to be turned on. Got some great reaction and an insightful question from community member stillwater: "Is there any formal control system thinking on these 'connected' car information dynamics?"  He also thought the "dead-time" reaction in the systems makes them a non-starter ... non-stopper... you get what I mean.  I've been talking casually with some participants at ARM TechCon 2013 about the idea and I think we're going

to do a larger piece on the idea, but I want more input. So I'm using the community's polling feature in this post. 


There are only two choices below. If you want to expand on your answer, use the comments section.  ARM employees can participate if you have definite data to support your position, but they may have knowledge of some customer or partner that has direct knowledge, so use this opportunity to invite more people to join the community.

Poll Results
  • I'm pretty sure is real today (67%)
  • Yeah, I don't t think so (33%)
  • Other, comment below (0%)


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