Release your creativity with ST! A unique design challenge

stm32generic.pngFrom the time we started the STM32 fantastic story we have set the leitmotiv 'Releasing your Creativity!' encouraging the embedded community to design with an innovative product on the market.

And our strong believes in our developers got today rewarded with the amazing scores reached in 2013 with STM32 product lines ...

We can now proudly say that

ST is #1 volume vendor of ARM® Cortex®-M Microcontrollers

Today we want to go a step further with all of you…creative developers and new players in the field of the Internet of Things.

On the occasion of Embedded World 2014 we are launching a Design Contest in EMEA to give you the real and concrete possibility to develop and drive a new revolutionary idea to maturity, to get support by a giant of the microcontroller industry until the time you get your application on the market… Contest in Collaboration with the ARM Connected Community

ARM Connected Community

As indeed we believe in all creators, artists designing new embedded solutions, applications, platforms… and we will help and support them to make their dream happen!

With ST you will not win a thousand dollar prize but you may enjoy touching other golden opportunities.
ST has the only humble wish to get you wealthy and to help enrich the IoT world with disruptive ideas, ideas which will make the difference in changing every Thing in the connected world!

Do not wait, engage with ST and join a different contest!
Get started in developing your disruptive idea! Launch the new application that changes everything in the connected world!

ST will support your efforts. Let's make it all happen together!

Join the embedded community of developers contributing to the revolution of the connected objects!

Our latest releases can be a rich set of inspiration  .......

See all detailed information on


     STMicroelectronics and Internet of Things (EW 2014) - YouTube         STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo Development Board (EW 2014) - YouTube

  • sylvie.boube-politano and albanrampon, not sure what happened here, but the formatting of this post looks to be a little off.

  • Thanks Ian and Sylvie!

    I am really excited that (y)our community can help ST promote the Internet of Things and your new mbed-enabled STM32 Nucleo development board.

    I wasn't fortunate enough to attend Embedded World this year, but thanks to your posts, Andy's daily blog update, I think I manage to get a good view nonetheless

    Still hope I can attend next year though!!!

  • We, at DSP Concepts also have discovered that the STM32F401 is extremely low powered and capable of handling many audio processing applications.  We are beginning to recommend this to many customers.  We have compared it against some 16-bit DSPs and found it to be even more power efficient.  It is also easier to program because it's a 32-bit floating point processor.  Dr. Paul Beckmann will be giving a talk at the upcoming EE Live conference about this.

  • Congratulations on the new STM32 Nucleo development boards, they look like a nice addition to the STM32 Discovery board series. At PatternAgents, we make good use of the  STM Discovery boards, and are looking forward to getting some STM32 Nucleo boards to start working with.

    It's good to see some standardization there, as our only criticism of the STM32 Discovery board series was the fact that they all had different and incompatible I/O connections, which kind of lost the beauty of being able to migrate between different Cortex parts easily.

  • more fluidity.. more creation ..more innovation many ambitions we have for our Nucleo boards...
    hoping to ease more and more new developments... thank you for your encouragements!  ST Nucleo team appreciates!