uC/TCP-IP by Micrium

μC/TCP-IP is a compact, reliable, high performance TCP/IP protocol stack. Built from the ground up with Micrium's renowned quality, scalability and reliability, μC/TCP-IP enables the rapid configuration of required network options to minimize your time to market.

  • CLEANEST SOURCE CODE: μC/TCP-IP provides you with the highest quality source code in the industry. μC/TCP-IP is a clean-room design and is not derived from publicly available Unix stacks, yet still maintains compatibility with the Berkeley 4.4 socket layer interface. As with all Micrium products, μC/TCP-IP is written in ANSI C enabling its usage with a wide array of best-of-class cross-development tools.
  • PORTABLE: μC/TCP-IP can be used on 16-, 32- and even some 64-bit CPUs.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: μC/TCP-IP was designed specifically for the demanding requirements of embedded systems. Critical sections were kept to a minimum and selected run-time validations can be disabled to enhance performance. μC/TCP-IP implements zero copy buffer management for highest efficiency.
  • SCALABLE AND ROMABLE: μC/TCP-IP allows you to adjust the memory footprint based on your requirements. μC/TCP-IP can be configured to include only those network modules absolutely required by your system. When a module is not used, it’s not included in the build to save valuable memory space for resource limited embedded systems.
  • ROYALTY FREE: is licensed on a per end-product basis and does not require any run-time royalties.
  • ETHERNET: μC/TCP-IP currently supports Ethernet NICs and can easily be ported to any Ethernet controller.
  • RTOS REQUIRED: μC/TCP-IP requires the presence of a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) or Kernel for task scheduling and mutual exclusion. μC/TCP-IP includes all the source code to interface to the μC/OS-II RTOS, but can easily be used with other RTOSs.

Add on options for µC/TCP-IP include DHCP dynamic host configuration protocol (client), DNS domain name system (client), TFTP trivial file transfer protocol (client/server), FTP file transfer protocol (client and server), HTTP hypertext transport protocol (server), SNTP simple network time protocol (client), POP3 post office protocol (client), SMTP simple mail transfer protocol (client), and Telnet terminal emulation protocol (client/server).

Drivers are currently available for ARM based integrated and stand-alone Ethernet and PHY controllers from Atmel, Cirrus Logic, Davicom, NXP, Motorola, SMSC and ST Microelectronics. µC/TCP-IP is compatible with controllers from any manufacturer.

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