Sourcery Tools Services by Mentor Embedded

Mentor Embedded Sourcery Services can customize and enhance all components of the toolchain as well as related software, including:
  • Available for all ARM7/9/11 and Cortex devices
  • GNU compiler collection and GNU binary utilities
  • GNU debugger
  • QEMU simulator
  • GLIBC, uClibc and newlib runtime libraries
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Linux kernel
  • ARM CPU support and optimization for semiconductor vendors
    • Toolchain support that optimizes the most recent additions to your hardware family
    • Rapid delivery of new toolchains to ensure availability with prototype chips
    • Easy-to-install, fully tested binaries that help customers quickly validate software on new hardware
    • Assurance that future versions of the GNU toolchain will support your hardware
  • ARM CPU support and optimization for OS vendors
    • Toolchains for all processors supported by your operating system
    • Rock-solid reliability to enable system bringup
    • Strong optimization capabilities that maximize operating system performance
    • Easy-to-install toolchain binaries that you can provide to your end-users royalty-free
    • Toolchains built from the same source code for all platforms, ensuring consistent toolchain behavior for all target-independent code written for your operating system.
    • Assurance that your operating system will continue to be supported by future versions of the GNU toolchain
  • ARM Silicon Development Kits
    • Optimizations and improvements not available in other GNU toolchains
    • Integration of IDE, assembler, and runtime libraries in a single convenient package
    • Thorough validation to ensure high-quality tools for your target platform
    • Custom optimizations and enhancements for your CPU or target board
    • Support that includes direct access to Mentor Embedded engineers

Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program

Open Software Ecosystem

Hardware companies and their customers can now work within an efficient and open software ecosystem to meet the growing demands from OEMs/ODMs.  As embedded systems continue to increase in complexity, OEMs are placing ever-growing demands on their hardware vendors to deliver better software development tools and considerably more runtime content. Due to the large volume of sophisticated open source platform software expected by OEMs, hardware vendors can increase design wins and accelerate products to market by creating an efficient ecosystem of embedded tools, middleware, operating systems (including RTOS, Android™, and  Linux®), and services.

Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program

The Hardware Enablement Program offers assistance in all phases of software development delivering a fully supported ecosystem.


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