Nucleus RTOS by Mentor Embedded

Nucleus OS.jpgMentor Embedded Nucleus product family empowers billions of devices running on hundreds of microprocessors, delivering one of the broadest ranges of OS services and middleware in the industry, from a proven, trusted vendor.
Nucleus gives you the tools you need to build effective embedded systems, including middleware, tools and BSPs. It supports all ARM architectures and processors, providing the necessary resources to build efficiently and cost-effectively. Nucleus' proven power-aware kernel and middleware technology has made it the favorite choice for embedded application development.
Nucleus empowers a full range of electronic products. It's the most-deployed RTOS in the industry, available on hundreds of microprocessor types. Proven, highly efficient and reliable, this OS combines a comprehensive set of system services that scale to any target hardware. You'll enjoy top performance with minimal resource usage.
  • Proven and stable kernel
  • Power management services: power aware kernel and drivers
  • Hard, real-time performance; priority based system
  • Broad support for hardware: MCU, DSP, FPGA, MPU
  • Comprehensive middleware offerings
  • Complete networking and connectivity components
  • Scalable footprint to meet application needs
  • Professional grade Sourcery CodeBench IDE Tools
  • Rapid creation of graphically rich embedded devices with Inflexion UI


  • Increase productivity
    • Achieve economies of scale by consolidating development within a single Nucleus development platform – across any project, processor, or architecture
  • Scalability
    • Nucleus and its kernel services deliver a number of options to help scale and simplify system builds from low-end MCUs to more complex MPUs.
  • Differentiate hardware
    • Nucleus DSPLink (TI OMAP), Nucleus SMP for ARM and, dual frame buffer, and camera support allow for key areas of hardware differentiation
  • Toolchain
    • Nucleus is supported by Sourcery Tools, or choose Nucleus ReadyStart with full Sourcery Tools integration, enabling a seamless development to debugging experience
  • Flexible Business Models
    • Mentor Embedded offers the following creaete models for ARM based MCU devices:
    • Nucleus Innovate Program - Free RTOS offer for small qualified companies
    • Nucleus SmartFit - complete RTOS and tools offering for $3,995/seat