Nucleus Power Management by Mentor Embedded

Nucleus Power Management.jpgMentor Embedded Nucleus is the first RTOS with a Power Management Framework fully integrated into its kernel, drivers and protocol stacks on ARM based devices. The Operating System is the very first software layer in the Power Constrains Pyramid that limits all the layers above it and ultimately the final power performance of the design.

Nucleus OS combined with a Nucleus BSP for ARM devices allows developers to develop independently by having the framework take care of all of details of power management. Each application or component of the system reports its power needs to the OS using hardware agnostic API’s. The OS in turn collects this information from all applications and enables only the hardware components that are needed at the time. It also places the CPU in the most optimal idle or other low power mode based on the current and predicted system needs. Complex functionalities such as Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Switching (DVFS) are simplified to a single API call, with the OS automatically handing all the required hardware synchronization and reconfigurations. The Nucleus RTOS is available on popular ARM7/9/11 and Cortex devices.

With Nucleus RTOS developers can access: