Some suggestions on ARM-based smart watch silicon solution

Wearable device is one of most hot topics this year in China(perhaps globally ), especially smart watch. Baidu Gudong bracelet, iWatch, Qihu360 kid guard bracelet, Coolpad watch,etc made by local vendors(OEM or ISP) either have been on sales or would be on sales soon.

There are still many challenges/barriers for smart watch currently such as power constraint, how to position, must-have features, HMI, etc. And selection of silicon solutions is one of big headache for those smart watch manufacturers. Actually there are lots of choices for ARM based silicon suitable for varied kinds of smart watch, from Cortex-M series MCU for "low" end to Cortex A series SoC for "mid/high" end.

Here I would like to list some of low power ARM based silicon good for smart watch for reference:

SoC supporting independent call-making and web surfing( with 3G modem, support Android):

MediaTek MTK6515 single core Cortex-A9

MTK6572  dual core Cortex-A7

QCOM MSM8225  dual core Cortex-A5

Spreadtrum SC8810/SC7710 single core Cortex-A5

AP with Cortex-A series (support Android):

Rockchip RK2918 single core Cortex-A8

Allwinner A13 single core Cortex-A8

Allwinner A23 dual core Cortex-A7

Action ATM7021  dual core Cortex-A5

InfoTM iMAP x820 dual core Cortex-A5

Telechips TCC8923 dual core Cortex-A5

MCU with Cortex-M series (ultra low power, support RTOS instead of Android):

STMicroelectronics STM32F103, Cortex-M3, etc

Silicon Labs Precision 32 SiM3 U1xx, Cortex-M3

Texas Instruments Stellaris® 1000 serie Cortex-M3

NXP 17xx, Cortex-M3

Microchip SAM3 serie, Cortex-M3