Embedded World 2016 - PICO IoT Modules - TechNexion

The part of the IoT Modules start at 6min 24sec, so if you are not interested in the company or their other products, just skip it and jump forward

Products mainly based on NXP i.MX6/i.MX7 Chips with Arm Cortex A9 and Arm Cortex A7 cores but haven't been discovered by Philippe this year

The beginning of the Video gives an introduction on TechNexion as a Company.

At 3min 37sec we start to introduce our new Products, starting with the

TEK-Series a new Series of Modular (easy customization) BoxPC's, going to the

TEP Series a HMI series ranging from 7" over 10.1" to 15.4" and then switching to the

EDM1-CF-IMX6 - TechNexion Modules our rugged industrial Modules and last but not least showing our

PICO-IMX6  - TechNexion Modules the smallest all in one Modules we have, ready for the IoT.

Have a great day and build something awesome