The value of the ARM Accredited Engineer programs

A standard job interview. We've been through all the little details; yes, I'm British, I live in France, I like digital photography and here is a list of previous clients with recommendations. Then he asks the question, "Are you an ARM Accredited Engineer?". No, I'm not. Up until now, not many people have actually asked me for that. I'll admit, I didn't take the time to take the exam, but I did write a book on ARM processors. "But that doesn't mean you are an ARM Accredited Engineer". No, indeed, but forgive my insistence, I wrote a book on ARM processors, I had the honour of having one of ARM's well known trainers re-read the book (and correct some mistakes), and it is listed on ARM's website. "Yes, but still, that doesn't guarantee that you know ARM processors and microcontrollers". I think my jaw dropped at that point.

This just goes to show how vital the accreditation program is. The client refused to accept my credentials, and preferred something put in place by the ARM team; a certification. A piece of paper, signed at the bottom, saying yes, this person knows what he is talking about. It doesn't matter what I wrote, and it doesn't matter what I did. There again, he does have a point, sort of. In a strange way, I actually preferred his answer. Oh well, I wrote the book, now it is time to take the exam, I suppose. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  • If it was the HR talking to you, could try to get to the technical people.
    If this was an engineer, then maybe that's not the right place to look for a job, and you can contribute more elsewhere.

    Congrats on the book.

  • BTW James, there is a Prometric test centre in Nantes!

  • James, sorry to hear about your experience of being rejected on the basis of not being an ARM Accredited Engineer (yet)!

    I'm not sure we really intended the accreditations to be used in quite such a rigid manner but I am glad that more recruiters are starting to recognise and use it as a solid benchmark for ARM-related experience. The intention was always that recruiters and hiring managers would use the ARM Accredited Engineer Program to help them hire people with a proven, industry-standard level of knowledge of the ARM architecture so it's always good to see evidence of that happening.

    I guess what we need to do in your case James is to help you get ARM accredited as soon as possible!!

    Perhaps when you have taken the exam (and passed of course) you could come back and tell us about how it went and perhaps even tell us about future interviews in which you proudly announce your status as an ARM Accredited Engineer!

    Good luck!

  • I haven't passed it yet, I need to see where the closest certification is. I think it is pretty close.

    ARM has t-shirts? :-) I'm a few days late, now I have to wait almost a full year before my next birthday!

  • After "been there, done that, got the T-Shirt", I did know "wrote the book", but now you also have "passed the certification"...

    Actually, did you get the T-Shirt or you skipped a step?