C++ for embedded - your input needed

A frequent topic for discussion, I have found, both here and elsewhere, is programming languages for embedded development. Every developer has their favorite and has clear ideas on what is going to happen in the future. Market research also indicates certain trends, but, curiously, many of those trends have fallen victim to the innate conservatism of embedded developers. There is a strong “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” culture and I am not about to try to change that.

Currently, C is the dominant programming language for embedded. Market research has frequently told us that C++ usage will steadily increase and overtake C sometime soon. I have seen such surveys for about 20 years now and it does not seem to be happening …

Despite many people believing that C++ is a “better” language than C, its take-up has been sluggish. I am interested in this phenomenon and, although I do not think it is an ideal solution for everyone, I believe that C++ has something to offer many embedded software development teams...

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